Homeboy Sandman, “Atlantis”

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Homeboy Sandman

Too often young rappers get caught up trying to be the archetypes they admired growing up, which leads to misinterpretation of what it means to be a rapper. In listening to Homeboy Sandman you get the feeling he could only be himself. He trusts in himself and his instincts, which continue to never fail whether he's rapping about his fat belly, paranoias of control systems, adoration for significant other, or in the case of “Atlantis”, giving up land life for one beneath the water's surface.

See, Homeboy Sandman understands joie de vivre. On “Atlantis” he expresses the values instilled in him and how they've shaped his worldview, particularly how the world seems to lack values and compassion for its fellow species. That's why Homeboy Sandman is looking for a mythical paradise city that is believed to be at the bottom of the ocean. If it can't get better here, then that's not cause to give up, but to keep looking no matter how illogical the journey.

Produced by Blu, “Atlantis” will potentially appear on an upcoming full length by Homeboy Sandman in the fall on Stones Throw. For now, he's on tour.

04 The High Watt, NASHVILLE
05 Blank Space, ST LOUIS
06 Subterranean, CHICAGO
07 Division Gallery, DETROIT
08 New Bohemian, PITTSBURGH
09 Dukes Bohemian, BUFFALO
10 Hollow Bar, ALBANY/br> 11 Johnny Brenda's, PHILADELPHIA
12 Santos Party House, NEW YORK CITY
13 Middle East, BOSTON
14 Metro Gallery, BALTIMORE
16 Snug Harbor, CHARLOTTE
17 529, ATLANTA