Hot Sugar, “Zanny Bath” (feat. Bill Ding)

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Hot Sugar, Made Man EP

When it comes to assessing a Hot Sugar production, the binary boils down to the methodology of Associative Music and the rap-jocks' tweet frenzy of “this shit hot”. Hot Sugar gives morsels to the production theorists, while satisfying the all-important credential of producing a banger.

On “Zanny Bath”, he enlists the help of Bill Ding to wax on moving weight, cunninlyngus, and why not… being a cunning linguist of street slang. Much like Ne$$ of Weekend Money, Bill Ding utilizes the Hot Sugar template to purge the demons of being a neighborhood pusherman turned rapper with as many debaucherous anecdotes as fishscales in the duffle bag. Claiming to have gotten “Most Likely To Rob You” in the senior supperlatives, Bill Ding's a new blip on our rap radar, but earned approval on “Zanny Bath”.

The Made Man EP is the fourth Hot Sugar solo effort titled with the Double M alliteration (Moon Money, Muscle Milk, Midi Murder). Wonder what that's about?

Hot Sugar's Made Man EP is out October 1 on Greedhead.

Made Man EP tracklist:
01. Erica (feat. The GTW)
02. Mama, I'm a Man (feat. Antwon + Lakutis + Big Baby Gandhi)
03. In & Out (feat. Kool AD)
04. Dripping Dimes (feat. Ne$$ + Nasty Nigel + Chippy Nonstop)
05. Zanny Bath (feat. Bill Ding)
06. Blessed (feat. Big Baby Gandhi)
07. Born 2 (feat. Heems)
08. Watermelon (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
09. Future Primitive Art School (feat. Kool AD + Big Baby Gandhi)
10. 56k (feat. Big Baby Gandhi + Nasty Nigel + Lansky + Antwon + Chippy Nonstop + Lakutis + DVS + Kitty + Weekend $)