Humans, “Ennio”

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Noontide, the debut LP from Vancouver duo Humans, promotes a more lyrical approach to electronic music. A strong mixture of synths and heavy percussion lays a solid foundation on which the vocals can build and then escalate to towering levels of effected heaviness. Preceded by two notable EPs in 2010 and 2012, respectively, Noontide marks a maturation in composition and cadence, providing twelve songs that deter any notion of staleness in their voice. The lyrics are simply stated, usually, but they strike powerful chords of empathy and human understanding, relatable even to the most love-deprived.

The third track on the record, entitled “Ennio” (presumably an ode to Morricone), shows a more stern side of electropop, starting off with thick drums and choral haunts, the lyrics pounding repetitively, “I see your face everywhere,” and “You just keep me waiting.” A brief interlude beefs up on the weightiness of the synth, as the word “waiting” is repeated, and then created as its very own beat, reforming the entire structure of the song. It’s now a dance tune, and it finished as one, all while still pulling heart strings. This intricate dichotomy of serious themes over moveable beats is present through the entirety of the record.

Noontide will be available February 24 on Hybridity Music. You can stream “Ennio” below.