I.O.D, “Who Cares!?”

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Halloween is one big inundation of pop culture. Roaming the bars and private parties this weekend, you’ll see hundreds of walking references to shows, movies, commercials and more. You may have to do a little Googling to understand how well someone pulled this or that off. Or, you can be like Brownsville rhymer I.O.D on his latest single and ponder, “Who Cares!?”

The Dojo Records spitter’s latest single works dually as a snide F U to the concepts that bind societal conformity and an incisive commentary on why they are propagated. I.O.D floats over the unorthodox, bouncy MisterrCha production, using his burgeoning mastery of language, cadence and flow to weave a mission statement that’s as sonically spell-binding as it is shrewd.

By the third verse, I.O.D swings the pendulum to his beloved Brownsville, where strivance for “the money and the clothes and the hoes” pervade the value system of many he knows, arguably taking precedence over the agency needed to reverse their impoverished circumstances.

I.O.D is set to release his debut TheTheThe Brownsvillain EP on November 28th. You can listen to “Who Cares!?” below.