Stream i tried to run away when i was six’s debut, it’s so nice

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Through unabashed vulnerability, Domenica Pileggi has quietly mastered the art of creating music that is pure honesty. Under the moniker i tried to run away when i was six (but got too scared to cross the street), Pileggi has released many splits and EPs, but their new album it’s so nice is their most ambitious work to date. The record finds Pileggi’s simple guitar and key joined by Jean Cochrane’s drums, creating a rich, full sound that highlights Pileggi’s warble.

Highlights of it’s so nice include “new york”, an anthem about finding comfort in the unfortunate; “what the heck” which contains the sweetest lyric, “Not so sure what you think of me / think you’re the bees knees”; and the title track, “it’s so nice.”

Pileggi explained the sentiments behind it’s so nice to THE LE SIGH:

Its so nice> has a lot to do with learning to be alone—both wallowing in loneliness and finding strength in the time you spend with yourself. I started writing songs a year ago when I was very sick, I had been bedridden for the better part of a year already and felt incredibly alienated and needed to work through it as I was still sick and not leaving bed anytime soon. While I write a lot about being scared and alone I also think its important to have some “thank you” tracks for people that have made life easier for me these past couple of years as well as a “fuck you” track or two for people that have only made my life more miserable. I like to think over all this record is positive, I like to think of it as tangible proof of my survival and a diary of how I spent this year feeling while keeping it broad and simple enough to be relatable. These are some of my favorite songs I wrote this year and I hope you like them too.”

Stream it’s so nice below and check out i tried to run away when i was six’s other releases on bandcamp