Indra & Mant, "Sober""

Post Author: Andre G

How’d you celebrate the New Year? Electronic producer Indra collaborated with Belgium producer Mant on “Sober,” an electrifying experimental trap composition. Leading off with a contemplative melody and a calming synth, the track then rips off into a rubbery earworm of a lead melody. Crisp, 808s snap through the sturdy synths, as a chunky sub bass snarls under the dense production.
The duo has fun towards the end of the track, putting the synths through a ringer of filters and effects. This track is quintessential trap: vibrant, adventurous, and ready to chew away at the nearest subwoofer.
In 2016, Indra released a track each month, steadily improving his craft with every offering. The 18-year-old Mant has delivered a similar output. Who knows if they’ll continue the pace, or if we’ll see an EP or project from either, but “Sober” is a strong set off to 2017.
You can stream “Sober” below.