Introducing Super-Helpful

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While you spent Thanksgiving weekend unbuckling your belt, collapsing into a sofa and falling deep into a tryptophan-induced coma, a new rap group was forming and recording its debut record on a whim. Chuck Strangers, Kwame, and Lee Bannon were kicking it in a home studio deep in work-mode, piecing together their group Super-Helpful.

Based on my time spent on Bannon's couch watching muted Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes on Netflix, while he crafted four bangers in an hour like it was child's play, the whimsical nature of Super Helpful is appropos of the beatmaker. Chuck Strangers stepping to the mic, rather than being the production source, is akin to Diamond D in that he just knows where to be in the beat. He links thoughts on a casual encounter through word webbing that's not as flashy as Mr. Bada$$, but fitting for Bannon's good vibes piano production. The sample of Orwellian-criticism between Strangers' and Kwame's verses is odd, but can function as a quick educational aside for those who've wondered if George Orwell was directing 1984 at a country in particular.

In addition to “SUMO”, the group dropped a video of late-night loopiness called “Drug Tested” that features Pro.Era being goofballs.

Super-Helpful is being self-released January 1.