Itasca, “After Dawn”

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In August we premiered a track from Kayla Cohen aka Itasca‘s forthcoming album, Unmoored By The Wind, which we loved for its “hushed hollowness” and “emotional vulnerability.” Now, Itasca’s released another song, “After Dawn”, which retains an immediately transportive power in its quietude.

Cohen’s soothing voice, which shifts registers seamlessly, is bare over her heartrending fingerpicking, calling to mind Sibylle Baier. The guitar arrangement is replete with cadences and empty spaces, seeming ready to break at every turn, which lends it a shade of melancholy. The song recalls solitary mornings in winter light as Cohen broaches the trouble with being alone with oneself too long: “All my thoughts in the air around can so easily fall away.”

Unmoored By The Wind is due out October 14 through Matt Mondanile’s (Real Estate, Ducktails) New Images label.