Ivan Berko of Hidden Fees, “Chinatown Lava Lamp Mix”

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As a member of Hidden Fees with Thomas Gluibizzi, Ivan Berko embedded himself in the New York dance music scene and has remained a staple for many decades. That sort of longevity makes his involvement with Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space radio program on WNYU 89.1 an inevitability. Berko has appeared on the radio show alongside Jex Opolis as their Moon Tan project and released music as Hidden Fees under the BIS label.

In commemoration of Beats In Space Records 20th release, Berko curated the “Chinatown Lava Lamp Mix”. Berko’s mix clocks in at just over an hour, the allotted time slot for a Tuesday appearance on Sweeney’s radio show. Much like a Beats In Space mix, he opens in the astral expanse of Pepe Maina’s “Spring Song”, occupying some strange intergalactic lounge lizard vibe, and slowly arrives at the celestial house grooves that feed into a disco meltdown.

Berko offered the following insight into the head space of his mix:

A spaced out mix for your enjoyment for the approaching warmer months. This mix was made between the hours of 4am and 7am under the glow of a lava lamp in beautiful Chinatown, NYC.

Berko will be playing The Conditioner party April 15 at the audiophile grade micro club Starvue in Brooklyn and at The Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, Mass. with  Tim Sweeney April 28.
Look for releases later this year from Moon Tan, Hidden Fees, and some solo material.

“Chinatown Lava Lamp Mix” tracklisting:
01 Pepe Maina, “Spring Song”
02 Phil Stroud, “Yemaja” Feat. jack Doepel
03 Roberto, “Oceanic” *coming soon on Good Timin Records
04 Tuccinelli, “Solo Un Delay”
05 Taj Mahal, “Curry”
06 Crue-L Grand Orchestra, “Time and Days” Harvey B Boy Mix
07 After Hours, “Feel It” The Salso Mix
08 Myakka Presents Escape from N.Y. EP, “90 Degrees of Soul”
09 Hidden Spheres, “Waiting”
10 I-Level, “In the Sand”
11 Barrabas, “Along the Shore”
12 Loredana Berte, “Prima O Poi”