Building a distinctive blend of glam and psych-rock, Budapestian outfit Ivan & The Parazol preview their upcoming album with ‘Nr. 1003’.

The past year has been eventful for the band, recording their forthcoming fourth full-length with producer Wil Anspach, who has worked with Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers in the past. The LP was laid down at the famous EastWest studios in LA; hallowed grounds where Sinatra, Michael Jackson and Foo Fighters are just a few of the many legends to have recorded material there.

Opening with a sample of their onboard flight-welcome to LAX; setting an apt scene for the West-Coast recorded ‘Exotic Post-Traumatic’, the track ascends with synth arpeggios, soon to be joined by Tame Impala-esque overdriven bass guitars, and frontman Iván’s vibrant vocals.

They elaborated on the track: “A music career is like a plane or spaceship that travels for decades to get to a seemingly unreachable destination. NR. 1003 is about this journey for Ivan & The Parazol, and a tough one at that. ‘Cause what do you do if a member of your band falls ill and needs to be left behind to make these dreams come true?”

“NR. 1003 goes out to our bass player Jani. After spending years on the road together, him not being present leaves a massive hole in our team. We hope to have you back on tour with us soon.”

Upcoming album ‘Exotic Post-Traumatic’ will be released in 2019.