Jack Propane, Other Worlds

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

Jack Propane’s latest release Other Worlds opens like a swelling, digital supernova that carries the listener away on exploding waves of stardust. Once the beat of “Air Lift 1000” kicks in, Jack Propane has made it clear they’re not merely here to create atmosphere, but to get people moving on the dance floor as well. There is a hypnotic quality to Jack Propane’s music that lulls the listener into the beat’s pocket only to switch things up seamlessly as tunes spin and evolve among digital constellations.
The solo project of producer Ryan Caruso, Jack Propane represents an artist unfettered by anything but their own creativity. Recorded live to 1/4″ reel to reel tape, Other Worlds is a stirring and vibrant album that no doubt owes some of its vibe to the fact that it wasn’t merely pieced together in post. From sprawling songs like the album’s title track or “Maurice Calling” to the more intimate and immersive “C-Beams”, Other Worlds is a collection of compositions that grow deeper and more powerful with each listen.

Other Worlds is out February 10 on Atlantic Rhythms as a digital download or limited-edition cassette complete with download code and full-sized, hand-screened poster. You can follow Jack Propane on SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.