Jackie Highway, "The Grant"

Post Author: Anna Hinton

Angie Shyr approaches music using methods rarely seen before. She created Jackie Highway as a “multi-styled” project. With a background of violin and piano, Shyr finds her inspiration from Mother Nature and a multitude of different music styles. Jackie’s approach to music is to turn away from the traditional and focus on releasing our true core by blending indie pop and neo-grooves.
In “The Grant,” Jackie Highway’s latest single explores the relationship between mankind and nature and tries to show the importance of taking care of what we have. She gives voice to Mother Nature who can’t speak for herself.
The piece itself has an uplifting energy, showing that our fate can be a positive one, filled with mutual respect between ourselves and nature. While it has electronic undertones, the song still emits a natural feel, allowing the listener to feel connected to both the artist and Mother Nature.
“Music has infinite roles,” states Shyr. “Its impact is immeasurable. As listeners, we disperse and pollinate music. We walk each song along emotional and experiential routes that eventually give it eternal life. Music is our constant companion. It’s our collective soul’s keeper.”

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