Jamaican Queens, “Bored + Lazy” (Nick Speed Remix feat. Dopehead)

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Detroit’s Jamaican Queens recently released their “Bored + Lazy” single on their Freakish Pleasures imprint, and we have the pleasure of premiering the remix from Nick Speed, featuring Dopehead, that turns it up a few more notches. Adam Pressley, Ryan Spencer, and Ryan Clancy’s songcraft style heard on their album debut, Wormfood gets zapped-out by an even headier wash of keyboard detail, with sparkling, industrial grade synthesizer considerations. Nick Speed redecorates “Bored + Lazy” with a waving array of ecstatic electronic vibrations, where the vocoder effect endorsed by the Detroit three envelops the body of the entire re-work, including Dopehead’s own contributed verses.

The dramatic stage is set up by Nick’s remix, providing a manic, narcotic-addled intro sample that cues the Bruiser Brigade’s own, Dopehead. The new verses mix medicinal metaphors for a whole other kind of amorous adulation, where electric vocal effects spell out the dazed thoughts of translucent hearts and mysterious minds. All traces of boredom, and any lingering after-effects of ennui are eschewed, if not obliterated by the stomping buzz brought by Speed’s re-envisioning and Dopehead’s delivery of chemically-based carnality. The idle, uninhibited allusion toward the title’s reference of “Bored + Lazy” indolence is enhanced by an enriched elaboration on the many uses, and aspects of opportunities brought about by behaviors of impassioned idolatry applied to new inspired (if not already pharmaceutically altered) purposes. Adam Pressley told us the following about working with Nick Speed and Dopehead for the remix:

I befriended Nick while interning at High Bias Studios in Detroit, while his band was tracking their album. We got to talking about music and eventually shared some of our own with each other. I showed him a rough mix of “Bored + Lazy”, which he was ecstatic about and offered to remix it for us.

By the time we got around to finishing the music for the remix, Ryan and I were getting heavily into Dopehead’s Devil’s Heaven mixtape. Nick came to a house show we were playing with Dopehead, where his audience moshed so hard the main floor almost collapsed into the basement. During that show Nick said he wanted to get Dopehead on the remix. We were all about that idea, obviously.

So we met up with Dopehead at the Bruiser studio, and he told me his verse was going to be about a girl, until at the end when it’s revealed he’s actually rapping about drugs. He also asked me to put our vocoder on his voice.

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