Jay Electronica announces Roc Nation signing

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Jay Electronica is no longer a free agent as this weekend marked his official signing to Roc Nation. In reaction to the unexpected signing announcement, Sean Combs tweeted a haiku.

Damn it hurts in a
whole other way
when someone you felt and I mean really felt
was your
Friend, Betrays you.
It hurts when Breathe.

Combs claims the words were directed at Jay-Z and not Jay Electronica, but really, let's just call this a “two birds” scenario since they're both named Jay. It's all about how one recovers though. Diddy is determined to carpe the diem by having the greatest Monday ever.

I decided to get
Married today!!! I feel like a new man! Wedding is planned for
valentines day!!! Your all welcome!! Feb 14th. Let's go!

I also became vegan today!!!! 🙂

Weddings off. She aint sign the prenup!!! Lol. I'm just bullsitin. Sorry I'm bored today! And I'm not a vegan. Let's goooo!

I will be Great today!!! Join me people!!! Let's be Great together!!! Le goOooo!

Breakfast!!!—-CIROC and OJ!!!! The Breakfast of champions! Le goooooo!
Lol wake and Bake!!! I'm flyin. Fly wit me 🙂 lol


If Puffy is starting his day with Ciroc and OJ and a morning doobie, our suggestion is to follow the fuck out of that dude today because he is a loose cannon. We're also going to put a small chunk of change on the likelihood that Puff joins a new religion today, then 20 minutes later denounces his renewed faith and celebrates with more Ciroc.

The video magicians at It'sTheReal borrowed the LeBron announcement format to shed potential light on a plethora of damn good reasons why Jay Electronica didn't sign with Bad Boy:

Finally, Jay Electronica gives Puffy a tissue for his sorrows.

Jay Electronica, “The Announcement”

Hours later “Shiny Suit Theory” featuring Jay-Z (ouch), The-Dream and Charlotte Gainsbourg (huh?) dropped and we all got tense, wondering how Diddy would react. He simply tweeted, “LOVE”, which means he's officially entered the acceptance stage of depression.

Jay Electronica, “Shiny Suit Theory” (feat. Jay-Z, The-Dream & Charlotte Gainsbourg)