J| | | | |M is your rap brain on drugs

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Jim Henson In A Vicegrip

J| | | | |M, which is short for JIM HENSON IN A VICEGRIP, is like listening to Lord Quas chopped & screwed over Brainfeeder beats in beast mode. If Lord Quas needed a partner in crime it would be J| | | | |M riding shotgun rolling something sticky in his lap, while bumping a mixtape of OFWGKTA and Wacka Flocka Flame songs. His YOKAYSEEYA EP is produced entirely by Every, who makes weirdo-rap beats akin to CFCF's screwed R&B slow jamz mixtapes and Clams Casino's Rainforest EP.

Truth be told, we are not even certain this is how to properly write his moniker, we know so little of the project. What we are able to ascertain is that J| | | | |M is severely gone on record with a pitch-shifted voice that hits the helium one minute, and then sounds like Tyler The Creator, circa Bastard-era, after bong rips of sour diesel, Vic's vapor rub huffs and an unhealthy dose of Vicoden pills washed down with malt liquor. Featherweights to chronically bent rap best steer clear.

J| | | | |M, “Blueheron”

J| | | | |M's YOKAYSEEYA EP is out now on Ounce House.