Joanna Gruesome, “Honestly Do Yr Worst”

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Joanna Gruesome

Welsh rockers Joanna Gruesome are extremely skilled at finding tiny fissures in their otherwise skin-tight pop songs to rupture through into aggressive atonal noise. These cataclysmic detours result in the band’s exceptionally dynamic noise-pop and their latest single, “Honestly Do Yr Worst”, is a perfect example of this. The split-vocals charm like a Belle and Sebastian chorus until the the track crashes face-first into a screeching wall of sound. Front-woman Alana McArdle sings in a classical soprano not often heard in contemporary punk that functions as a stark contrast to the angular composition of the song.

Produced by MJ of Hookworms, Joanna Gruesome’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Peanut Butter, drops May 19 on Slumberland Records. You can stream “Honestly Do Yr Worst” below.