Joe Marson, "Explore/Explode"

Post Author: Jessica Ourisman

Joe Marson‘s new single “Explore/Explode” reflects on the disaster of our recent election and what it means to be human in this freak-ass time…
That voice, though.
Don’t miss Impose Magazine’s exclusive premiere of “Explore/Explode,” a single inspired by recent election by alt-rocker Joe Marson. The ginger-haired talent provides us with a peek inside the creative playroom that is his mind, at what is essentially the uncomfortable mix of emotions we’re all feeling following the 2016 Presidential Election.
In his own — rather eloquent — words, “I was thinking a lot about humanity’s darker tendencies vs. what we could be. Explorers. Of the unknown both of our planet and beyond. Or the less evolved of us could rise to power and ruin everything with war and greed. The song is ultimately about hope vs. fear.”
The talent, whose music has been featured in the major motion picture Deadpool, as well as Netflix’s Bloodline and FX’s Justified, strikes a cord with his most recent musical expression. As part of a generation that is truly becoming acquainted with the importance of social responsibility and impassioned action, who better to guide us to a place of uncomfortable resolution than the soulful, blues-y rocker whose standout talent lends him the sound of a lifelong industry insider. (Re: he’s fucking awesome).
With a sound that commands respect and a one-of-a-kind voice that is truly unexpected, the dude is badass. The final consensus? We love.

Do not miss this exclusive listen of his new track, “Explore/Explode”, and then give the rest of his badass musical collection a listen; “Here With Me” and “No Retreat” are two songs that will give you a taste of this up-and-comer’s versatile repertoire and his excess of talent.