Jonwayne drops a posse cut

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Jonwayne Night School

We love that Jonwayne gets wild hairs to drop loose tracks in the middle of the night. Whether it is from sleep deprivation, intoxication, or just some unexplained good vibin', we love it so much, we're willing to look past his sloppy MS Paint art and sloppier hand-writing.

Last night Jonwayne got on the social medias to drop “Night School”, a posse cut with Azizi Gibson, Jeremiah Jae, Quelle, and Scoop Deville. Produced by Jonwayne, “Night School” sounds like it was made off the fumes of midnight oil, like everybody was cooling out and Jonwayne put a beat on that perked the ears of his rap friends. Jonwayne and his LA amigos might be on the “Pitchfork speed dial”, but it's already been a fine summer for Azizi Gibson and Jeremiah Jae, who dropped a free collaborative album (Ignorant Prayers) and Jae put out his full length debut (RawMoneyRaps). On “Night School” Azizi handles the chorus with a sleepy flow that sounds like he might doze off mid-braggadocio. He's that indifferent to the hating.