Jonwayne, “That’s O.K.”

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Wonka”, Jonwayne’s comeback single, explained a bit of what the LA-based rapper has been up to in the past two years. His latest track, “That’s O.K.”, sheds light on why he’s back. “I never have a thing to say, and if I do I write a song about it,” the rhymer admits over a warm synth melody.

On “That’s O.K.”, Jonwayne radiates a resigned, sardonic tone with his introspective nuggets. When he opines, “I might as well be talkin’ to myself up here,” he reveals the crux of a for-better-or-worse relationship with hip hop. In a world where half of your social feed is dying for mixtape streams, it’s refreshing to see an artist who’s actually talented take such a stance. He didn’t come back to the game for the fanfare, with Jonwayne it feels like there’s nothing better to do but be dope.

Self-deprecating honesty is one of Jonwayne’s strong points, along with the dense lyricism he displays throughout his latest track. His swift, serpentine flow is a thoughtful compliment to a thick composition (co-produced by Jazz pianist Kiefer) that sits inside you like cocoa on December 23.

You can listen to “That’s O.K.” below.