Jonwayne's boss battle

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Jonwayne Bowser

Attend a Low End Theory night in either LA or SF and you'll hear residents like Gaslamp Killer dropping the beat to announce “new Jonwayne shit” or “Jonwayniac” on a regular basis. It's not an obligatory shout out to the The Duke. Jonwayne is a rapper/producer in the LA beat underground who's doing what all LA producers do, drop a record on Alpha Pup.

Jonwayne's Bowser is a sample-free adaptation of the video game aesthetic, but the mission remains clear, save the princess and save the kingdom. The record plays out like an adventure through the levels, as cloud stages are wistful and glitchy, while sinister bass and synths are trial by fire treks through the castle levels to battle the infamous Bowser.

Bowser is out April 19 on Alpha Pup.

Jonwayne, “Crumbled Luna”

Jonwayne dropped a 5-song remix EP for download called Remixes Are Things that's definitely a must-download. Wayniac applies his push-button gamer sound to Gucci Mane, Drake, Twista and Kool G. Rap.

Get Remixes Are Things here.