Juicy J's got a new bitch

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Juicy J

It would be a discredit to our journalistic ethics and Juicy J's achievements if we failed to include the title “Academy Award Winning” in front of his name at some point in this byte. Acadamy Award Winning artist Juicy J is wasting little time in following up Rubberband Business 2, a collaborative mixtape with Lex Luger, by dropping Blue Dream and Lean in the near future. He's on some new slang, calling everything “trippy”, but his sound remains grounded in his signature rolling hi-hats, looped and freaked samples with a bit of soul from the crates tossed in for good measure.

On “Got A New One” he flips the David Ruffin sample Kanye brought to Jay-Z's “Never Change”, but while Jay-Z sought reflection and betterment in Ruffin's soulful croon, Juicy J hears an opportunity to remind us there's no ruffles in his pimping. Wiz gets looped on the chorus, while Tyler The Creator offers “swag” confirmation to Juicy's harem management skills.

Juicy J, “Got A New One”