Julian Wass and Sea Things team up

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Julian Wass of Fol Chen and South Florida's Sea Things are seperated by 2,700 miles of American soil, but physical distance aside the two producers share an interest in producing songs for Oakland's Main Attrakionz and the game Dark Seed. Released by Cyberdreams in 1992, the adventure game featured the artwork of H.R. Giger. The Playstation and Sega Saturn versions were released in Japan, so American consumers might remember it as a computer game for MS DOS – or just not recall it at all.

Nonetheless, Wass and Sea Things shared an affinity for Dark Seed enough to form a group named Cyberdreams and compose an EP that is a re-invention of the soundtrack.

The EP is without a release date, but in the meantime Julian Wass's solo debut Crystals is available on cassette through his website.