Junk Boys, "Walk With Me"

Post Author: JP Basileo

The progression of a band’s sound usually means for either a change in direction to stay fresh, or a further exploration and fine-tuning of an existing formula, also to stay fresh. Brooklyn powergroup Junk Boys ventures deeper down their desert path of dusky, enigmatic twang on their new single, “Walk With Me,” clearly not having slowed down any from their 2015 S/T album. The rhythm stomps in, a proud march into some fabled friscalating dusk light in the name of some fabled woman. Trebly guitar and the esoteric glow of pedal steel guitar flesh out a physical amorous cloud of their own, the mist of a love potion set to intoxicate, enchant, and woo. And you can envision the heat haze rising off the plains as frontman Brian Chillemi’s howls turn into growls, bellowing, “I need a woman to walk through this world with me, stand by my side, and be as proud as can be.” He means bidness.
NYC folk, Junk Boys play Baby’s All Right with Psychic Ills and Purling Hiss on April 28.