Katy Carmichael, Stay Here

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Nashville-based artist Katy Carmichael drops her EP Stay Here on December 9th, but we’ve got your first listen to this stellar lineup right now. The trio of songs – “November”, “Just Because I’m Honest”, and “Seams” – are all based on the same relationship in sequential order.

“Seams” is the first single from the EP and is also the one that cuts the deepest. Love has many phases and shades and Carmichael has captured those succinctly from the first lines:  “Seems that we’re sinking again/I always trust you, even when I don’t want to.” Her vocals reflect the pain that her lyrics convey.

Carmichael’s lyrics have nuance and depth that belies her 20 years. “November” and “Just Because I’m Honest” are equally at home on this EP in that regard. Now it’s time to enjoy it for yourself.

“Seams” is available right now on iTunes and Spotify. Stay Here will be available on December 9th. Keep up with her on Facebook.