Keeping up with Chip Tha Ripper

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Chip Tha Ripper

Travel-wise Chip Tha Ripper tweeted he is kicking it in Spain, Ibiza to be exact, which means Watch The Throne are not the only rappers with International swag. But, on the blogosphere Chip is dropping jewels that would have otherwise been relegated to the vaults. Chip's Tumblr is mostly videos and photos of him doing the hype-man thing for KiD CuDi, but it is also the spot where “Great Time” and “A Crime” can be heard.

Little is known about the two songs, but “A Crime” rides an echoing horn section that would put a warm fuzzy feeling in Evil Dee's arteries, while “Great Time” is on par with Chip's pimp game on “Plural” with the refrain, “I don't care what you heard through the grape vine / I just want some model girls to give me great mind / we up in this motherfucker trying to have a great time.” It must be a dream to travel Europe after a lifetime in The Cleve.

Chip Tha Ripper, “A Crime”

Chip Tha Ripper, “Great Time”

It's damn time another Pulled Over By The Cops track found its way onto the blogs.