Kefeider – Non tutte le ciambelle escono col buco

The Norwegian artist’s new LP is an uplifting mix of indie, funk & synth pop

Norwegian pop rock artist Kefeider has dropped the uplifting album Non tutte le ciambelle escono col buco, which is predominantly guitar driven with a mix of indie, funk and nostalgic ’80s sounds. Kefeider, also known as Vetle Løvgaard, hails from a small town in Norway. 

The album is a blend of vintage influences, including synth pop tracks like “Changes Are Real” and “Sea Still There Just Like Before”, as well as guitar-driven tracks with the greek instrument, bouzouki, played throughout on “My Normal Is Different” and “Non tutte le ciambelle escono col buco.” This new album was produced by Øyvind Blomstrøm (Orions Belte), who once again showcases his skills on the drums and synthesizers.

Kefeider successfully blends his signature dreamy sound with powerful drums that maintain energy throughout the body of work. Complementing the artist’s soft vocal harmonies, we get a sense of an uplifting summer atmosphere with European influences. 

“The title of the single (and album), ‘Non Tutte Le Ciambelle Escono Col Buco,’ is an Italian saying that means things do not always end up as planned. It is about regrets and realisation,” he shared.

Give the album a spin below: