Keith Canisius, “Where Did You Go All These Years”

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As the 2012 aquatic surveys of soundwaves continue we are proud to present Keith Canisius's “Where Did You Go All These Years” from his forthcoming album Beautiful Sharks from Saint Marie Records. The U.S. by Copenhaben artist of Rumskib and Shortwave Broadcaster fame, roots the Sharks LP from inspired tales of Sea Shepherd detailed in the documentary, Sharkwater that moves the gaze from the shoes, toward the depths of the seas and the rekindling of a love lost in time.

“Where Did You Go All These Years” is comprised of one of the brightest jacuzzi neon warm jetters to drop here in the last quarter of 2012. Canisius creates the sound of snazzy memories blasted through time machines asking “can we go back” while keyboards illuminate in a manner of streaked and cascading, monatomic rubies. Like going back from the future to make wrongs right in the present and not trying to start any new fights; Keith creates the audio head space equivalent to sonic jetlag for the time traveling set. Here the new romantic attitudes of 1982 get synced up to the indie revolutions of 1992, skipping over 2002 completely for the sea baptismal rennaissance happening now in 2012.

Keith Canisius's album Beautiful Sharks will swim to our shores November 20 from Saint Marie Records.