Kembe X & Alex Wiley, Can I Borrow A Dollar EP

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Can I Borrow A Dollar EP

Things are moving fast for Chicago's Kembe X and his Village crew. He's appeared on Forbes' website and booked a SxSW showcase. Still, much like the 90s debut that put Chicago hip hop on the map, Kembe and Alex Wiley need a dollar. The duo's mentality is the quickest way to a million dollars is to ask a million people for one dollar.

Faithful to the Common Sense debut down to the album art, Kembe X & Alex Wiley's Can I Borrow A Dollar EP sounds like vintage No I.D., back when he was Immenslope. The boozy piano on “Coke Village” inspires a silliness in the young rappers, reminiscent of Common & Ynot trading wordplay on “Chapter 13 (Rich Man vs. Poor Man)”. The EP was thrown together quickly, but despite the haste, the crew is clearly having a good time.

Kembe X & Alex Wiley, “Coke Village” (feat. Kenan Coke)

Download the Can I Borrow A Dollar EP here.