Kerry Charles, “Jenny’s Out Of Town”

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R&B pop artist Kerry Charles is gearing up to release his first EP, Two Cozy Rooms Vol. 1, this fall. Although this is his first work using his own name, he is no stranger to the industry, having operated solo under the moniker Science Fiction Fantasy, which took him through a more indie/folk approach to his work. Today, we’ve got the premiere of “Jenny’s Out Of Town”, his first single off that upcoming EP.

Slow, smooth, setting the tone with keys that are swoon-worthy. Kerry – whose voice actually reminds us a bit of Mike Posner – weaves an intricate narrative with his charming and beautiful vocals that still, somehow, hold a pop/rock edge to them. There are aspects of the song – perhaps the saxophone – that really helps “Jenny’s Out Of Town” to have a “theme song of a sitcom” feel to it. But it’s funny and pretty at the same time, so we dig it. The rhythm flows, our hips move, and the notsogreat topic of the song makes us laugh a bit.

“The protagonist of this song’s wife/fiancee/girlfriend is out of town,” shares Kerry of the work. “So he’s psyching himself up to take ecstasy and throw a party with the intention of seducing a woman named Gabrielle. Ultimately, the plan goes awry in some way… I like to imagine that the party never even happens. Fun fact: Neither Jenny nor Gabrielle are real people, but I have two close friends with Jennys in their lives. I like to sing this song to them when their Jennys go out of town.”

Regardless of if his efforts at infidelity are successful or not, the song is a trip.

Two Cozy Rooms Vol. 1 will be out on October 7th, 2016. It is available for preorder now