King Deco, "Read My Lips" (New Immunity Remix)

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Hailing from the streets of New York, indie pop musician King Deco has partnered with electronic dance rock duo New Immunity for the updated remix to her sugary sweet track “Ready My Lips”. The already enticingly catchy track has been sped up, flipped around a bit, and is now something slightly more danceable than its previous existence may have indicated. Adding in the flurry of electro magic into the buildup to the bass drop, and you’ve got yourself dance club gold.
Explains the artists, “This is the first remix where we significantly rearranged the song structure of the original (credit to King Deco on that idea). It’s also one of our most dance-friendly remixes that still retains our signature guitar-centric sound. The whole thing came together relatively quickly much like our ‘Castaway’ remix which was the release that first kicked things off for us as a duo. King Deco songs hold a special place in our musical hearts, and we have a feeling this won’t be our last collaboration ;)”

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