King Krule's rap group Sub Luna City drops mixtape

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Sub Luna City

While Archy Marshall is going to go the furthest as King Krule, the young Brit is no one-trick-pony. Hip hop pet projects like DJ JD Sports and Edgar The Beatmaker lend insight into his versatility and we can add rap group Sub Luna City to the rap sheet.

Sub Luna City consists of Marshall, Rago Foot, Jadesea and Black Mack. On debut mixtape City Rivims MK 1, Sub Luna City keep the vibe loose like a collection of freestyle sessions over Marshall's woozy, jazzamatazz production. It's a structure that makes City Rivims MK 1 sound as though its purely in the moment, rather than contrived or calculated. Largely indebted to Detroit rap production, City Rivims MK 1 feels like a lo-fi homage to the deep cuts on Slum Village's Fantastic Vol.1. It's a raw offering in which the crew seemingly gathered for a blunted powwow and didn't kill the vibe until the mixtape was finished.