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The title of Knifemare's debut record might seem wildly off kilter given its sound, but make no mistake that next to Guided By Voices, late 90's Cash Money Records albums are the band's biggest influence.

Few even in the rap world have heard B.G.'s Chopper City In The Ghetto, which is why it's even more peculiar that a lo-fi duo from Ottawa, Ontario have intentionally named its debut after it. Blaming it on coincidence or collective consciousness makes more sense than genuine homage, but it also speaks to Knifemare's charm. Some would say it's impossible to cram 18 songs into 41 minutes, but Knifemare burn through 17 songs in 25 minutes and then close the record with “Hello Girl,” a 16 minute creeping ballad that apologizes to your ear canals for the previous ruckus.

Knifemare is already at work on its next record, primed for the summer, Patric Egan described it as a “collection of summertime songs for us and our friends to listen to when
we bikes to the beach.” There are beaches in Canada? I mean I realize they have shores, but I was unaware there were beaches worth visiting? Learn something new everyday.

Chopper City In The Ghetto is out soon in cassette and download formats on 1019 Records.

Knifemare, “The Molasses Act”

Knifemare, “Castro Clone”

Knifemare, “Giant Novelty Cheque”