Kónguló – “The Water In Me”

Icelandic electronic producer conjures intense, mesmerizing new single

Icelandic musician Kónguló returns with a gorgeous sonic journey that beautifully exemplifies the power of electronic production. Fresh off the success of her work on the Apple+ series “The Essex Serpent” and her debut album, Be Human, Kónguló, formerly known as Herdís Stefánsdóttir, invites us into a mesmerizing electronic realm with her new single.

“The Water In Me” opens with Kónguló’s velvety vocals, perfectly in control, and seamlessly integrates a dark, growling bass that sets the stage for an intriguing blend of mystery and tension. As the song progresses, we are treated to the introduction of piano chords that, when coupled with the pulsating drums, create a thumping electronic rhythm. The result is a rich, immersive experience filled with sci-fi-inspired synths.

Kónguló’s talent as a composer, songwriter, and producer is evident in this piece, where her meticulous electronic production techniques craft a dynamic soundscape that enthralls the senses. “The Water in Me” stands as a testament to her electronic artistry, and the collaboration with additional production/programming by Baldur Hjörleifsson and a mix by Styrmir Hauksson adds depth to the track’s production. This electronic marvel not only showcases Kónguló’s mastery of the genre but also leaves us eagerly anticipating what she has in store next.

Speaking on the project – she explains: “Water’s lyrics describe a self sacrificial state of mind where the subject describes hopelessness and longing to give more than they have to give. Water represents energy and capacity, which the subject of the lyrics let’s someone seek out without bounds.”

You can give it a spin below: