Kyle T. Hurley, "The Holding"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

London-based country blues artist Kyle T. Hurley is back at it with another heart-wrenching track. “The Holding” – which premieres with us exclusively – is a slow, steady, beautiful track that leaves you feeling breathless. “‘The Holding’ is a song I wrote about things that happen in life which stay with you,” expands Hurley. “They affect who you are and how you react to things. They hold you back from doing things others, who are scar-less, would normally do without thinking. The song is, in essence, any victim’s scarlet letter.”
The beat of the drum keeps a trudging, melancholic vibe that almost reflects the sounds of a low heartbeat, something that can be identified straight off. As can be predetermined, the lyrics are delivered in a fixed raw, emotional state while Hurley addresses the aforementioned ideal in his own life.

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