Lazyboy, “Pica Disco” Mojo Filter remix

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Late to the Lazyboy party, the UK duo project from the crafty sensibilities of Dan Carey and Rob Da Bank flashed on our radar the other week with, “Pica Disco“, and today we are pleased to present the Mojo Filter remix debut of the single. Maybe without even knowing it, you are already familiar with Dan's line of productions that include (but certainly are not limited to) Bat For Lashes, CSS, Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip, Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, Mystery Jets, and so on, who fuses soundboard smarts with Rob's keen ear and accolades from Bestival, Sunday Best, BBC Radio 1, LEAF, etc. With the single fresh off the press from Carey's imprint Sunday Best, we welcome you to the Mojo Filter remix that expands the modulated choice disco into a work that hovers right under ten minutes that is built with a motor that can dance the whole night through.

Mojo Filter's Ben Zaven-Crane creates everything you have ever wanted in a remix. Keeping true to Dan and Rob's original vision for “Pica”, Ben selects portions of sounds from the track's disco vérité to function like cobblestones of all shapes and sorts for a longer stretch of a path comprised of various stones. All of this is curated from Lazyboy's foundation, where the original guitar chords remain shining on the elongated sections of percussion and permeations of liquid bubble jet bass lines. Synthesized effects breeze through the entire track like the winds of winter, creating a nature sculpted aspect of the remix that gently breaks the song into a suite where lulls provide moments alone with intimate piano notes and field recordings from the convection howls of the outdoor worlds. Just as Lazyboy intended, Mojo Filter realizes the purpose of “Pica Disco” as a track that sounds best suited for rural farmland raves in Sweden or field bound ragers in the UK countryside. In short, this a disco track that is larger than to be contained within the indoor confines of dance floors, dance halls and ball rooms alone. Join us for a brief roundtable inteview with Dan Carey and Rob Da Bank following this exclusive remix premiere.

We were lucky to have a chat with the Lazyboy duo Dan Carey and Rob Da Bank to discuss the origins of their current project, various other projects (past, present and future), the Scandinavian connection, histories, progressions, and digressions.

Dan, you have produced for a number of notable artists from the world over, from Only Real, Childhood, Bat For Lashes, CSS, Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip, Lily Allen, and so forth . . . first off, how did you get into the production game?

Dan Carey: I'd been recording a lot as an artist, and kept meeting more and more people I wanted to work with, and ended up trying to form all sorts of bands with different people. I ended up with too many projects on the go. Someone suggested that rather than be lots of artists, I should just write with and produce records for all the friends I'd made along the line. Robby and I however like to keep it as a band

How did you both come together and create the Lazyboy duo? Was it something born out of hanging out and noodling in the studio?

DC: through our friend Massimo, who ran a label called dust2dust. I used to love going to Sunday Best at the tearooms more than anything.

Rob Da Bank: Yup, Mass introduced us and I could instantly see that Dan liked making records by whacking random objects or blowing into hoovers as much as me.

You seem to have a very strong connection to the Scandinavian scene, what exactly is the UK x SE connection all about?

RDB: I started DJing in Oslo and Bergen a lot when Annie, Röyksopp and the Kings of Convenience were starting out and we were all mates. I love all the Scandinavian countries and they're still making some of the best music about!

Why is it that you feel so much of production and electronic enhanced grooves have taken so many cues from the likes of Studio, the dearly departed Service imprint, and more?

RDB: I suppose things come around again and that sound seems to be having a renaissance right now. To be honest we made the record a few years back and didn't really take our cue from anywhere apart from this mad little instrument from India that Dan had in his studio.

Lastly, tell us about the electric bass and synth textures of “Pica Disco” and the remixes.

DC: I love live bass lines that have one wrong note.

Lazyboy's Pica Disco deluxe single is available now from Sunday Best.