Leapling, “Killing Time”

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Leapling’s New Album Gives Me Hope for Rock Music,” read Charlie Ambler’s Vice take on the Brooklyn-based three piece. As music consumers, it is easy to feel washed out of the current music scene– what’s being done has already been done, originality is impossible to nail. But, just as Ambler points out, Leapling has found their niche in the sense of hope– and their new track, “Killing Time,” is a direct indicator of that vibrancy they bring to rock music.

The track announces itself with a buttery-smooth guitar lick, accompanied by punchy drums, pushing the song along ever so slightly. Frontman Dan Arnes self-recorded all instruments and vocals, showing off his renaissance-man skills through a beachy take on the concept of useless time. “Feeling fine, not that you would know,” Arnes coos in a delicate tone, toying with the idea of wasting time contemplating unrequited love. “Killing Time” uses its time to envelop us in a rich, gooey three minutes of smooth guitars and elegant vocals.

Leapling’s new EP, Killing Time, is out November 11th through Babe City Records.