Lee Bannon, “Realms” (Andy Stott “Numb” Rework)

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Lee Bannon

There's little Lee Bannon won't touch when it comes to production. In a year's time he released noir-electro under the moniker Gnarlon Bando, ambient-doom that sounded like Burial on purple drank on his cope. EP and Caligula Theme Music EP, traditional hip hop bangers alongside C-Plus as Young Champions, and still found time to explore the Doom with a capital D with the group Super Helpful.

As an entrance into the follow-up to Caligula Theme Music, Bannon dropped a rework of Andy Stott's “Numb”, which he's calling “Realms”. Stott's original mechanized the ghostly whisper of vocalist Alison Skidmore, as she fights against his piston percussion. Bannon sympathsizes with Skidmore's hushed presence by supplementing the machine with a lush lounge setting fit for The Weeknd. For a moment, it sounds like champagne toasts and tenderness. It's a passing interest though for Bannon. As a man of many realms, it's fitting that his lounge eventually makes it rain on strippers and Skidmore is silenced once again to the machismo of the dirt bag spot.

Lee Bannon, “Realms” (Andy Stott “Numb” remix)

Lee Bannon's Caligula Theme Music II is out January 26.