Les Mouches, “Carload of Whatever”

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Les Mouches

Owen Pallett‘s former band, Les Mouches, have shared “Carload of Whatever” from the forthcoming vinyl re-issue of their 2004 album You’re Worth More To Me Than 1000 Christians. The re-issue will be limited to 1000 units and comes in light of Pallett’s ascendance in the past decade as a masterful craftsman of baroque pop, including the his most recent, and wildly interesting In Conflict LP from 2014. “Carload of Whatever” is an especially interesting listen considering Pallett’s most recent compositions; there is no mistaking the song for one that Pallett had his hand in, but there is a structural simplicity that has become less clear over time—something like Pallett-gone-punk. The ending salvo, right around the four-minute mark, functions like an elegantly composed thrash section. There are several astonishingly open moments on the track, often accompanied by a barrage of sound. Early on, Pallett breathily exhales the line “I’ll photograph myself giving head,” only to have it met by a furious wall of drumming. Its moments like these that show the genius in “Carload”, never is the self-condemning without a display of virtuosity. It is damn near impossible to think of Pallett as merely sad-pop emotive if only because his exorbitant compositions demand nearly as much attention as his lyrics. This re-issue should serve as a lucky and rare insight to a phenomenal musical progression of an artist, something we should be glad Pallett is allowing us to do.

You’re Worth More To Me Than 1000 Christians will be released on July 28 courtesy of Orchid Tapes. The limited edition pressing is available for pre-order now. You can listen to “Carload of Whatever” below.