Lightning Bolt, “Barbarian Boy”

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lightning bolt

We have a winner. Oh, this wasn't a contest? In that case, don't be alarmed when you hear this new Lightning Bolt track and casually relieve your bowels. Too much? Okay, sorry. In the ever-giving benevolent contributions of the Adult Swim Singles Series, we've had awesome songs (with downloads!) from METZ, Dan Deacon, Kitty, and more—and as the summer winds down, we were starting to feel the future absence of this series like a junkie going cold turkey. Lightning Bolt's “Barbarian Boy” might just be enough to sustain us through the fall and winter months, knowing that we'll have the spastic, magnetic, and flailing track to soundtrack the colder seasons. There's nothing like a Lightning Bolt contribution to keep us off balance and hungry.

The series continues next week with Lil B, and you can stream the other LB track below with a download at this link. Put that shit on a CD and bump it in your car on the way to the dollar store.