Lil Kids, Slow Rainbow

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Lil Kids

It's hard to write about Lil Kids without sounding like we are kissing ass, simply because they make really great hip hop. Lil Kids is made up of rapper Adam Kane and beat maker Nick Adams, both of whom are in their early 20's.

On February 19 they will be releasing a first-rate mixtape entitled Slow Rainbow. The mixtape can be purchased electronically via Bandcamp and a limited supply of 100 cassettes will be released through Crash Symbols Records.

Slow Rainbow fuses the funky throwback beats of hip hop's golden-age with strokes of psychedelia and modern electronic influences. Kane's flow is unwavering and crisp and Adams's beats are brimming with rich hooks and dazzling samples. The instrumental tracks, “Onions” and “Pura Vida,” are short and sweet like the Dilla paragon that makes any self-respecting hip hop connoisseur weak in the knees.