Lil West – “Bad”

Post Author: Chris Cubbison

Rising Delaware rapper unleashes a tantalizing glimpse of Vex Part 2

Earlier this year, Delaware hip-hop artist Lil West released his highly anticipated, Take A Daytrip-produced album Vex Part 1 for his new major label home Republic Records. A carefully crafted and equally moody sonic spectacle, Vex Part 1 showcased West’s knack for hooks overtop of ear-candy production, and featured memorable appearances by other eager up-and-comers Tommy Genesis and Yung Bans. In all, Vex Part 1 teased a bigger picture, and now, West is delivering on that promise.

Lil West’s new song “Bad” is the first single off the project’s forthcoming second half, and it continues right where Vex left off. Take a Daytrip deliver a steady thump for West to float over while weighing whether his current interest is worth his time and attention: “Baby you know I’m always gone/ Be a little while till I come back home/ Keep on thinking that you not wrong/ Keep on thinking I don’t love you, keep on thinking I don’t love you.”

With Lil West, there’s no shortage of catchy hooks, even across single tracks. His cool, effortless delivery, and ability to change up his flow while still maintaining that catchiness is what makes him such an exciting young artist. If “Bad” is any indication for how Vex Part 2 will sound, then we’re in for a real treat. Listen to it below via Soundcloud.