Lindenfield, Season of Death

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

An album inspired by the many losses he felt in 2017, Lindenfield’s The Season of Death is as much a celebration as it is a eulogy. Opening with an angelic vocal cover of Sufjan Stevens’ “Blue Bucket of Gold” and a cinematic cover of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”, The Season of Death touches upon those moments of loss and grief experienced publicly, those shared moments that are still felt personally and privately.
As the record unfolds, chiming guitar and ethereal keys tell stories of sadness, loss, and humanity. The modern rock of “Saint Helens” stands beautifully alongside the album’s more fragile ballads like “Mexicola” and “Living Without You”. While Lindenfeld credits the album’s inspiration to the loss of everything from his grandmother to David Bowie to hope itself, The Season of Death nevertheless has a wistful optimism to it as it explores the emotions and memories behind loss, love, and life itself.

Season of Death is available now. You can follow Lindenfield on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.