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Fucked Up guitarist Ben Cook recently released a 7″ on Plastic Idol Records with spindly guitar riffage, hardcore-to-pop punk chord progressions and tuneful, shouty vocals. Definitely in the same family as his daddy band but going his own, sunnier road. That said, he's gone down plenty of other roads, already. His Young Governor MySpace documents just how many:

no warning s/t (martyr records) 
no warning 'ill blood' – (bridge9) 
no warning 'suffer survive' (warner) 
violent minds s/t – (my war) 
violent minds 'riot' – (parts unknown)
criminally insane demo/7″ (parts unknown)
surplus sons demo
surplus sons – like 30 unreleased tracks
fucked up – dance of death single (VOX) (Deranged)
fucked up – hidden world lp (VOX) (Jade Tree)
fucked up – davids xmas – (FU Records)
marvelous darlings – demo cassette/ 7″ (rat patrol)- 
marvelous darlings – dont wanna party single 7″ (deranged)
marvelous darlings – the swords, the streets single 7″- (wallride)
marvelous darlings – teenage targets single 7″ (Pelado)
marvelous darlings – sleeping like a deadman 7″
marvelous darlings – beat of my heart 7″
young governor – 'hidden love' 12″ (parts unknown)
fucked up – chemistry of common life (matador)
young governor – V/A BYO Anniversary Comp (Domination by Youth Youth Youth Cover feat. Marvelous Mark)
young governor – virginia creeper 7″ (plastic idol)
young governor – english tim 7″ (static shock)
the bitters – warrior/can you keep a secret 7″ (plastic idol)
the bitters – princess 7″

Young Governor, “Virginia Creeper”