Listen to a track from Yuck frontman's new project, Hebronix

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daniel blumberg

When Daniel Blumberg (Yuck's leading man) left the band to pursue his solo project, it seemed impossible and unheard of for Yuck to go on without him. Would things ever be the same? Blumberg contributed such a presence to the sleepy, wildly underappreciated slacker sound, that it seemed stupid for them to not break up. The verdict is still out if Yuck will live up to their incredible S/T debut without Blumberg, but at least we have Hebronix to fall back on, should they fail us.

Hebronix is the solo project Blumberg left Yuck to pursue and it's a subdued, stretched-out version of what Yuck was great at, if only with a higher production quality and a smattering of radio wave sounds making the song a little more experimental and freewheeling. Otherwise, the slacker sound is still present, and it's a bedroom tone that keeps us wanting more—more Yuck, more Hebronix, more Daniel Blumberg. We feel like we've time-traveled to early 90s England and we're pleased with its moroseness. Listen to the track below, and catch Hebronix opening for Low at the dates listed. The debut record from Hebronix, Unreal, will release with ATP Recordings on July 9.

24 Birmingham, England – Glee Club
25 Manchester, England – Central Methodist Hall
26 Gateshead, England – The Sage
27 Glasgow, Scotland – Classic Grand
29 Bristol, England – Trinity Centre
30 London, England – Barbican Centre