Little Big League, “Tropical Jinx”

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Philadelphia’s Little Big League, which includes former members of Post Post and Strand of Oaks, will come out with their second album, Tropical Jinx, this October. The newly released title track clocks in at under two minutes and revels in a glossy post-rock sound, featuring a layering of bright guitar riffs over distortion and sonorous vocal harmonies. It’s got lyrics as abstract and dizzy as we’ve come to expect from the band since their first album, These Are Good People. Singer Michelle Zauner’s voice rings sweetly but oozes frustration as her words call to mind fuzzy images of domestic life with the mention of an “impressionist marriage” and the fear that her “waking life was an ocean.” At the end of the track Zauner laments, “I chose wrong,” and then it’s over. For all its sonic brightness, it’s a haunting single.

Tropical Jinx is due out October 14 from Run For Cover Records. You can stream the single below.