Little Person, "Perfect Girls"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Little Person is actually two people: twin brothers and multi instrumentalists Max and Nicky Weinbach. The New York based duo’s new track “Perfect Girls,” blends Beach Boys inspired surf rock and ’50s style sock hop pop, told through bright jangle guitar and gentle orchestration.
Says the band: “This is the track off the EP that we put the most work into. With all the harmonies and extra orchestral instrumentation, it’s kind of likeLittle Person‘s chef d’ouevre thus far. It also happens to be our favorite track on the record and the one we dance and sing along to the most. We hope others enjoy ‘Perfect Girls’ as much as we do!”
“Perfect Girls,” is melodic: the two brothers piece together vocal harmonies that are full of reverie and nostalgia. It’s a song that feels like it is straight from the past at first listen, but when you dig deeper there’s something incredibly modern to be found. This is the kind of song that is meant to be heard on a bright sunny spring day, with your sweetheart by your side.

“Perfect Girls” comes from Little Person‘s upcoming EP I Feel Fine out April 3rd. Keep up with the guys here.