Lola Wild – “Mirabella”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

London dream pop stalwarts unleash powerful, poignant new single

Quickly making a name for themselves in the U.K. as one of the most exciting rising acts in the indie scene, songwriting duo Lola Wild (real names George Godfrey and Sian Barnett) have conjured a truly unique sound that covers a wide swath of genres. Wowing us with the unique qualities of their previous single “Sand,” the duo continues that form on the stunning new single “Mirabella.” Rich in hazy, electronic-indie beauty, it’s a moody piece that showcases Barnett’s exquisite vocals. 

Formed through a bond and passion for film noir and classic singers such as Billie Holiday and Roy Orbison, Lola Wild soon found their creative groove and began writing together, crafting a perfect blend of shoegaze, indie, dream pop, and even elements of dark Americana. “Mirabella” expertly traverses all of these textures. On the track, the band shared:

“It’s the awareness that you’re slipping in and out of personalities that can only be described as deleterious to yourself and those who surround you. The result is a love lost, but nevertheless, they’re still clinging on to a memory to reinforce that hope of being happy again. The line, ‘the mood has got a swing, the deeper that I sink inside of the devil,’ talks of the complications that come with such tempestuous emotions.”

You can give “Mirabella” a spin below.