Lord RAJA, “Hotels & Skyline Mix”

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Imagine the view from the sixth floor of a hotel in the center of the city. You’re standing at the precipice, alone with your thoughts, and a floor to ceiling glass pane is the only barrier between you and a long fall. The window is decorated with droplets of water, and you shift your eyes focus between the droplets and beyond to the towering skyline backlit by grey skies. This is one of the scenarios to consider when delving into the headspace of Lord RAJA’s “Hotels & Skyline Mix”.

Around the creation of his debut A Constant Moth for Ghostly Intl., Lord RAJA was caught up in a existential capitalist conundrum and on a quest for “sincere isolation.” Did he find it in those hotel rooms across North America before and after shows with Beacon? It’s a question to consider while listening to the “Hotels & Skylines Mix”. Although if questioning existence feels like a bogging down of a good Friday night, Lord RAJA has left access to the alternative in the form of a transformative mix spanning experimental dance nodes, Detroit techno, and the sort of subterranean obsessiveness discovered on Beats In Space. The choice is yours: retreat within or illuminate aura.

Lord RAJA’s A Constant Moth is out now on Ghostly Intl.