Los Angeles Police Dept, “The Only One”

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los angeles police dept

Love, despite what most people will tell you, is not dead. Instead of showing its face on larger scales and with greater impact, love is weaseling its way into lo-fi love songs that speak softly and move pratically undetected. In Los Angeles Police Dept's first track as a solo project, “The Only One” is all the evidence we need that the love you were looking for is real, and it's just laying low for a while. The soft, melodic and occasionally psych-driven track is such a pleasant, unfussy listen that it's a wonder that it even got written down. It feels like the kind of song you'd sing to yourself about a beau as they get dressed in front of you. It's personal and intimate and will nestle nicely onto a romantic mixtape.

Though this is the first track to come from LAPD, a full-length is expected soon.