Lost Trail will get you wistful

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The kids-playing-in-a-wind-tunnel style of field recording on hand in this track from Lost Trail comes off very eerie and dreamlike, one of those third person shooter POVs where you're watching the back of your head saunter past the wreckage that is the follies of your youth. The five-minute excursion is actually more like three separate segments, a triptych if you will, and where the first two hollow out a point of melancholia and memory, the final minute closes with an acoustic guitar plucking brightly to wash out any pervading gloom.

“Hinterlands I” comes off of their album Eerie Light, Eerie Wood, a limited release from the husband and wife duo of Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa.

Lost Trail/Summer of Glaciers, “Hinterlands I”